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You have all wandered here to see what I deem as necessary for tail gates, parties and full blown ragers. Whether you have a case between some friends or a 20 kegger house party, I pertain to you. Beer bongs, Q-bongs, Bags, Putter Bags, Slip n’ Slides, Beer Pong Tables and Beersbie sets, it will all be here. It is fair for everyone to have a favorite. In that case, I want to hear it and why! We also want to hear what specific beer sport you were playing and anything that happened that is worth hearing.

Within the week, I will be reviewing two different beer bongs, the standard one you can get at any beach store and the Q-bong, available at amazon.

Want to purchase the Q-bong? Click on the link below!


Have anything you want reviewed? Let us know!

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Shot Glass Roulette

I have a product that will not only allow you to play by your own rules, but will also save you a trip to the casino and tons of money. Lets face it, we’ve all been there. We’ve all gotten dressed up and gone to the casino with the expectation of walking out with more cash than we came in with. Is that ever the reality though? For most, the answer is no. We spend ridiculous amounts of money on overpriced drinks, games, bets, and transportation. We walk out wasted, our money wasted, and our time wasted. Do yourself a favor and save your hard-earned money by paying just $12 for a game that doesn’t require losing your pride and gambling your savings. With this game, you can play with up to 16 people in the comfort of your own home and privacy. Let your New Years Resolution involve skipping the casino and saving a ton of money. Click the link and check out similar products that are actually worth taking a shot for.

The ULTIMATE Beer Pong Table


Not much has changed about the game Beer Pong. You use room temperature mediocre beer, a stained white fold-out table, and worry about aligning the cups evenly to your opponent. As I get older, I try to upgrade things around my apartment to be more fitting to my age and lifestyle, including furniture and activities. The more I would walk past my 5 year old, stained, “white” fold-out table, the more I wanted to throw it out and upgrade. After searching to find the table I wanted, I found something even better. I found an aluminum folding table with a compartment that contains a cooler, and has pre-printed circles for perfected cup placement. This table has a wooden print and won’t show any stains, and even has lines in place so that no false-calls are ever made in this dramatic drunken sport. No more room temperature beer now that I’ve found a built-in-table cooler that can hold more than a 12-pack. Click the link to go straight to where you can buy it, and check out other products that are similar to this one too.

Ninja Vs. Unicorn double IPA beer

My all-time favorite beer, the one and only, Ninja Vs. Unicorn. This unfiltered double IPA is perfect for any occasion, and definitely an upscale type of beer. This is too good to be shotgunned or put to waste, I prefer drinking this beer with friends at a bar while watching the Blackhawks game. This beer has been rated a 4.28/5 on, while I personally would give it an honest 5. If you and your friends plan on staying in for the night and ordering pizza instead of hitting the bar, click the link below and check out this 5 piece pub table that compliments this classy beer:

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